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  • Val Verde Unified School District ... Get the Aeries Mobile Portal App! Aeries Student Information System. © 1995-2024.

2. Parent Portal - Vacaville Unified School District

  • AERIES Parent and Student Portal · View and update their child's emergency contact information · Update student medical information · View standardized test scores ...

  • Vacaville Unified School District uses the AERIES Parent Portal for all students. The parent portal offers a secure and convenient way to access and update your child's information online.

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Aeries: Home

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  • Aeries Mobile PortalAeries Software (Eagle)FREE - In Google Play. VIEW. Las Virgenes Unified School District. English, Español, Việt, 中文, 한국어, العربية ...

  • Summer Online Aeries Data Confirmation is expected to start late July 2024

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  • ×. Aeries Mobile PortalAeries Software (Eagle)FREE - In Google Play. VIEW ... Get the Aeries Mobile Portal App! Aeries ...

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  • Capistrano Unified School District ... Get the Aeries Mobile Portal App! ... To access the current year students please CLICK THIS LINK. CLICK HERE for FAQ, videos ...

  • This portal is connected to school year 2023-2024

8. Parent and Student Portal. - Chino Valley Aeries Portals Landing Page

  • Forgot Password? Create New Account. Welcome to the Chino Valley Unified School District Parent and Student Portal. Parents, please contact your child's ...

  • Welcome to the Chino Valley Unified School DistrictParent and Student Portal.

9. Parent/Student Portal Link & Help Page

  • Vacaville Unified School District uses AERIES ... VUSD is eliminating the use of the emergency cards to capture this information. Parents must utilize Aeries ...

  • Vacaville Unified School District uses AERIES Parent Portal for all students. The parent portal will offer a secure and convenient way to access and update your child's information online.

Aeriesmvusd (2024)


What does a 3 mean in aeries? ›

You will see the Attendance Calendar that looks something like this. 1 : Student was marked Present in Class by the Teacher. A : Student was marked Absent in Class by the Teacher. 3 : Absence was not excused within 48 hours and has become a Truancy.

Is Aeries down right now? ›

Current Aeries Software status is UP.

Why isn't Aeries working? ›

There may be several reasons for that: An outage that hasn't been communicated yet via the Aeries Software status page. Some local issues with a small group of accounts on the service side. Technical issues on your side, or problems with your software or ISP.

How to download transcript from Aeries? ›

  1. How to Access Your Transcript.
  2. Log in to the AERIES Student/Parent Portal: (same for students and parents)
  3. Access your transcript:
  4. AERIES Web View: AERIES Mobile View:
  5. Download your transcript: Go to the top right corner and click the 3 dots & select print. ...
  6. Save your transcript:

What percent is an A+ in aeries? ›

90.0 to 93.9 is about right for an A-. 94 to 96.9 is an A, and 97.0to 100. is an A+, if you are so inclined to distinguish. Some teachers give extra credit, so they would not give an A+ for anything less than 100.1 percent and above.

Is there a GPA on aeries? ›

Aeries Built-in GPAs are active by default; however, the built-in GPAs can be inactivated if a district prefers to define their own GPAs. To inactivate an Aeries Built-in GPA, select the desired GPA from the GPA list. The details for the built-in GPA will display in the District GPA Details section.

What if Aeries grade? ›

With 'what-if' mode enabled, tapping an assignment brings up the 'what-if' menu. Tap "Edit" to begin virtually editing the score of the assignment. If the assignment has a max value, the editor will appear as a slider. If not, it will appear as an input field you can edit manually by inputting a numeric score.

What does an E mean in Aeries? ›

E – Excused (Medical note submitted, Religious Excuse, Funeral, other Excused absence per Cal Ed.Code)

Did Aeries get hacked? ›

On May 6th, 2020, we were informed that there may have been unauthorized access to the Aeries® SIS on November 4th, 2019 which may have revealed Parent and Student Login information, physical residence addresses, emails addresses, and password hashes.

What does n/h mean in Aeries? ›

N/H Non-Academic/Honors Tag (CRS.NA) - A blank indicates this Course is an Academic Course, 'N' indicates this is a Non-Academic course, and 'H' indicates this is an Honors course. This field must be populated correctly for accurate Student GPA calculation.

What is an unofficial transcript? ›

An unofficial transcript is not a legal document and can be viewed, printed, and saved by a student. It does not include a signature or seal. Because of this difference, official transcripts require a small fee and unofficial transcripts can be viewed for free.

How can I save my transcript as a PDF? ›

1) Open your browser menu (for Chrome, it is 3 dots) and select Print. 2) A new window will open. In the destination field select Save as PDF. 3) Select Save.

What are the attendance codes in aeries? ›

Attendance Codes in Aeries
A: ActivityL: Tardy
G: ReligiousN: Unexcused Absence
I: IllnessS: Suspended
T: TruantR: In-House Suspension
U: UnverifiedX: Excused
1 more row

How are grades calculated in aeries? ›

The system will first use total points and weighted categories (if enabled) to determine a percentage for "Formative" and "Summative" assignments and then will use the defined weight factors to produce a final score. Click on the arrows or drag the slider to the desired percentages.

What does class rank mean on aeries? ›

Class rank reflects a student's standing as measured against their classmates based on GPA.

What does V in aeries mean? ›

Unexcused Absence – Verified: this option is used for absence codes that are unexcused absences.


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