Gacha Life 2 Animated Poses [Tutorial, Codes & Custom Poses]👇 (2024)

The arrival of Gacha Life 2 has meant a revolution in Gacha poses, not only with animated poses and static poses, but also with the possibility of creating an infinite number of custom poses, letting your imagination fly to a higher level.

Gacha Life 2 Custom Animated Poses Update

Animated poses have always been present in Gacha Life, but they were not yet present in Gacha Life 2. However, Gacha Life 2’s recent update has brought an exciting feature to the game – Custom Animated Poses! This tutorial will guide you through the process of creating and sharing new animated poses with your friends. Let’s dive in!

How to use Animated Poses Feature in Gacha 2

  1. Firstly, navigate to the poses section in Gacha Life 2. Here, you’ll find the custom poses section, and excitingly, the newly added animated poses!
  2. Start by creating individual movements in the custom poses slots. These individual poses will form the basis of your animated pose.
  3. Now, let’s turn these three or four custom poses into a single animated pose.
  4. Go to the animated poses section and select a free spot.
  5. Click on “Edit Mode On” and return to where you saved your custom poses.
  6. Click on the first pose, then press the plus symbol in the frame section and select the second pose.
  7. Repeat this process to add the third and, if desired, a fourth pose.
  8. Voilà! You’ve created your custom animated pose!

Below, you’ll find an option to adjust the speed of the pose, allowing you to make it faster or slower as per your preference.

Animation poses codes for Gacha Life 2are simply spectacular. These types of poses allow you to create much more elaborate scenes, from scenes for mini gacha movies or fragments for videos, or even gacha trends.

Gacha Life 2 Animated Poses [Tutorial, Codes & Custom Poses]👇 (1)

As a bonus, stay tuned for some free codes to import animated poses into your game, enhancing your Gacha Life 2 experience even further!Gacha Life 2 Animated Poses [Tutorial, Codes & Custom Poses]👇 (2)

Gacha Life 2 Animated Poses FAQ

Discover the ins and outs of animated poses in Gacha Life 2 with our comprehensive FAQ. From importing and exporting poses to animating props and fixing common glitches, we’ve got all the answers to enhance your Gacha Life 2 experience.

How to Import a Pose in Gacha Life 2

Importing a pose into Gacha Life 2 enhances your characters with unique animations, making your stories and scenes more lively. To import a pose, simply navigate to the pose slot you wish to update and select the “Import/Export!” button. Paste the pose code into the designated white square and save. This action allows you to bring in creatively designed poses by the community or your own, enriching your Gacha Life 2 experience with minimal effort.

How to Export Animated Poses in Gacha Life 2

Sharing your creative genius has never been easier with Gacha Life 2’s export feature. To export an animated pose, select the desired pose and hit the “Import/Export” button, then click on “Export.” The code for your animated pose will appear, ready to be copied and shared with friends or the wider Gacha community. This feature not only fosters a sharing culture but also contributes to the vast collection of user-generated content.

How to Convert a Pose into a GIF

Turning your favorite animated poses into GIFs allows for wider use across different platforms. Start by recording your screen with the animated pose in action. Then, using applications like Alight Motion, import the recorded video to edit and export it as a GIF. This process opens up new possibilities for creativity, enabling you to share your Gacha Life 2 animations in a fun, loopable format that’s perfect for social media or messaging apps.

How to Use Animated Poses in Studio Mode

As of the latest updates, animated poses are not yet usable directly within Studio Mode, though they are expected to be included in future updates. However, you can creatively incorporate these poses into your scenes by setting your Gacha Life background to a solid color, recording the animated pose, and using video editing software to integrate it into your stories or scenes. This workaround adds dynamic expressions and movements, enhancing your storytelling.

How to Get All the Gacha Club Static Poses in Gacha Life 2

To enrich your pose library with Gacha Club’s static poses, you can use codes recreated and shared by the community. By importing these poses into Gacha Life 2, you regain access to a beloved range of expressions and stances removed in the latest updates. This method requires some time but is a one-time effort that rewards you with a comprehensive pose collection.

Can Props be Animated in Animation Poses

Animating props in Gacha Life 2 is a straightforward process. Simply select the animated pose you wish to use and choose a prop. This functionality allows for dynamic scenes where characters interact with objects in motion, adding a layer of realism and creativity to your animations. Whether your character is running with a basket or wielding a magical staff, animated props enhance the visuals of your videos and edits.

How to Fix the Saving Poses Glitch in GL2

Suddenly losing your poses when you close the game is a very common glitch in Gacha Life 2, but there is an easy way to fix it. If you want that when you open the game again your poses are still there intact remember to do the following before closing Gacha Life 2: When you create a static or animated pose, open Studio Mode before exiting the game, this simple action will save your poses for next time.

Free Custom Animated Poses Codes for Gacha Life Two

In addition to the video codes and images above, here is even more content with free poses that will be of great help in your Gacha Life creations:

+100 Gacha Life 2 Custom Poses Codes and Ideas

In the following video you can discover new poses for Gacha Life 2 that are perfect for different edits. These ideas include individual poses as well as poses for couples and random poses. Give a touch of reality to gacha with all these ideas:

Customs Pose Ideas for GL2

The possibility of creating custom poses opens a wide window when creating gacha scenes, as well as giving us the opportunity to improve gacha movies. Now we will be able to make custom dances, fully customized anime poses, and much more, resulting in more complex and detailed poses, giving greater versatility to the designs. Below you can find several pose ideas on Gacha Life to get the most out of your ocs:

Walk, Running and Walking Poses Gacha Life 2

When we talk about poses in GL2 we cannot forget about poses that emulate movement, such as poses that allow us to create walking, running or even jumping scenes. In addition, very soon we will enjoy the arrival of animated poses to this sequel of Gacha Life.

Sitting Poses for GL2

The following sitting poses can be really useful in certain scenes and edits. Don’t miss any of them and watch the video below:

Free Poses with Codes

If instead of inspiration what you are looking for are free poses, here you can find different free pose codes for Gacha Life 2. Also, this section will be updated with new codes periodically, don’t miss them!

When creating our avatars in Gacha Life 2 we often focus too much on the design of their appearance, neglecting some of the most important things such as the poses in Gacha Life 2. The pose that we give to our character is even more important than its appearance because this is what will transmit us what action, character and intention intends to have our Gacha at all times.

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Gacha Life 2 Animated Poses [Tutorial, Codes & Custom Poses]👇 (2024)


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