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How to Speed Up Pokemon Infinite Fusion (Turbo) One of the best features of replaying Pokemon games through the emulator is the ability to speed up time. Pokémon can take quite a long time without being able to speed up game training. Fortunately in Pokemon Infinite Fusion you have the ability to speed up the game to reduce the speed of the game.

This guide will show you how to speed up the game in Pokémon infinite Fusion. This can be very helpful, especially when looking for HM surf.

How to speed up Pokémon Infinite Fusion on PC
The default key binding to speed up games on PC is the Q key. If this does not work then it is possible that the default key bindings have been changed at some point. In this case, you must open the key binding menu and check which key is assigned to this feature. You can also change the key for Turbo mode if you dont want to use Q.

Showing the controls of Pokémon infinite Fusion and how to change speed up/turbo key binding
Click the box with the cue inside it to bind a new key in fast forward/turbo
To open the key binding menu, you must press the F1 key. This can be done at any time on the main menu or during the game. Here, there are two sets of key bindings, one for the keyboard and mouse, and one for using the controller. Select the control to bind the new key.

The fast forward function is a toggle button. There are three different speeds you can toggle from. These can be called normal, fast, fast, for example. You can continue pressing the fast-forward key to toggle through these speed settings.

How to fast forward using a controller
Pokémon infinite Fusion uses X-input for control of the game when using the controller. It basically refers to the Xbox button layout. The controller’s button that moves faster in Pokémon infinite Fusion is the LB button. Also known as left bumper.

After using only the Xbox and Stadia controller individually to play the game, I’m not sure if the game natively supports DS4 (PlayStation) controllers, but if so R1 could possibly be used in fast-forward.

Like PC control bindings, bindings for controllers can also be changed. Simply open the key binding with F1 on the keyboard, select the box with LB text inside it, and press a new button on your controller to move that button faster.

How to increase text speed in Pokémon infinite Fusion
The third way to make the game a little faster is to speed up the text speed. This is a major thing that is also featured in mainline Pokemon games. The text speed can be changed from the in-Game Options menu. There are two settings, Normal or fast. Just go down to this option and go left or right to choose an option.

How to change the text speed is being shown in the Pokémon infinite fusion options menu
The red option will be the one that is currently selected. The options are automatically saved when you close the options menu.

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Move/Get Rid of the Corsola – Pokemon Infinite Fusion

Any mechanics that are quite annoying in the main game series in Pokémon: infinite Fusion have been simplified or made less painful. Unfortunately many players still hold their own from certain aspects of this fan-made game. One such problem is the part of the Sevi islands in which your path is blocked by the Pokémon Corsola.

This guide will tell you how to move around them and get rid of them completely.

How to Move Around Boulder on Kindle Road

To cross the first wall of Corsola you have to take the HM dive from Johto. Once you dive, teach it to the Pokemon. HM dive can be used in small puddles on Kindle road where the path is blocked by boulders. Once you reach the other side of the cliff you can help that person get him out of the way to get out easily next time.

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How to Get Rid of Corsola for Good in Pokemon: Infinite Fusion

Now that you can cross the Corsola wall by diving, we will get rid of them forever. To get rid of Corsola, you will need to get an object called Marini doll. Once you get this item you can use the interact button on any Corsola wall to remove them.

Once you show them the doll they will run away in fear. However, to reach this doll you must pass the first set of Corsola using the dive, so make sure you visit Johto first and get HM dive before you plan to race through the Sevi Islands. That being said, once you dive, you have to head to Berry Forest on which island.

The quest will begin immediately once you are in the Berry forest. A fisherman stands at the entrance and asks you to help him find his child. Travel further into the Berry forest to find some children near campervan. You will be tasked to find all the children hiding in the forest.

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Once you find all the children, you will know that one of them was the pseudoweshi zorork and you will have to battle him. You can take possession of the necklace on this Zoroark as you wish. Once you battle zorork you can once again contact the fisherman at the entrance to the Berry forest to complete the quest and you will be given the Marini doll as a prize. It can then be used to permanently intimidate Corsola.

How to Get to Berry Forest on Kin Island

Once you have collected HM dives from Johto, you can dive under boulders blocking the way on Kindle road. Next, head north until you reach a small island. Head east from this point and you will find another small group of islands on Bring road. Keep going until you find a shipwreck. To get to the other side you have to move through this shipwreck. For this you will need an item called golbut boots.

You can get the golbut boot by reaching the top of the Sprout tower at Violet city in Johto. If you don’t have these yet, go flying and get them. All you have to do to get the prize at the top is hang around some Bellsprout and its evolution. Once these come to you, you can cross the shipwreck ditch.

After proceeding from the shipwreck, continue heading east until you reach a large island. Now, travel north and which island should you reach. Head north through the city and follow the path to the Bond Bridge. Here you will find gym leader Jasmine. Continue heading west through Bond Bridge and you will come across an open space among the trees. It is the gateway to the Berry forest. Congratulations! You finally made it.

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