Is MyAT&T (ATT) App Down or Not Working? Here's How To Fix (2024)

The myAT&T app is a one-stop to manage all your AT&T accounts. This app helps you manage your wireless, U-verse, home phone, and Internet accounts. Instead, you can view and pay your bill, set up autopay, and even contact AT&T support if you have any issues with their services. Unfortunately, the app might be unresponsive sometimes.

In this guide, we will explain the possible causes that can affect the app and make it unresponsive. We will also look at some troubleshooting steps that can help resolve the issue with the app and get it working again.

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Why is myAT&T (ATT) App Not Working or Opening?

The myAT&T or AT&T or ATT app may get unresponsive due to several things, including –

Slow/Unstable Internet – To run the app, you will need a stable and strong internet, if it is slow or unstable, the ATT app may become unresponsive.

A temporary glitch or bug – A temporary glitch or bug may cause the platform to fail to authenticate which may result in the app getting stuck or freezing.

Server-Side Problem – If there is a server-side problem with AT&T services the app will not respond, freeze, or get stuck.

Outdated app or device software version – An outdated version of the ATT app or your device’s software may cause a compatibility issue that may result in the ATT app not working.

Corrupted or overloaded app cache and data – If the app cache or data is overloaded or corrupted, the app may become unresponsive and hence fail to open.

An unknown/undetermined problem from AT&T – There may be an unknown error or problem with AT&T that you cannot resolve until the AT&T team does.

Check if AT&T services are up and running

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If there is a service disruption with AT&T in your area or region, the app will not open and will become unresponsive – you will not be able to use myAT&T services such as your wireless, U-verse, home phone, and Internet accounts, and also, Your bill payment will also not work and will be declined.

In such a case, you have to wait until the services resume.

Visit to check the ATT server status in your area.

myAT&T App Troubleshooting

If your myAT&T app is not opening or working or is stuck or frozen, try these simple troubleshooting steps –

Hard Close and Relaunch the myAT&T App

If the app has become unresponsive due to an unknown or temporary bug, hard closing and relaunching the myAT&T app may resolve it. When you do this, a new authentication and session is established which may resolve the issue with the ATT app.

Make sure you have a Stable and Strong Internet

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You will need stable and strong Internet connectivity to run the MyAT&T app. If your internet is unstable or slow, the app will not open or respond. Follow these steps –

  • Press the power button on your router and turn it off.
  • Remove all cables and wires connected to it, including the cable plugged into the main power outlet.
  • Now sit and relax for 5 minutes.
  • Replug all cables and turn on your router.
  • Connect your phone to your internet and try launching the ATT app.

Clear AT&T App Cache and Data

If the app is still unresponsive, clear the cache and app data. Some files may become corrupted and deleted, resulting in the app not working.

iPhone users, Go to iPhone settings -> General -> Click on myAT&T App -> Click on iPhone Storage -> Click on Offload App button -> install AT&T app again.

Android users: Go to settings -> Manage Apps -> Search for myAT&T App and click on it -> Tap on clear cache, and confirm your selection.

Reinstall myAT&T App

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If nothing helps, uninstalling the app from your device and installing a new version may help. Doing this will remove all the corrupted and buggy app files and install a fresh copy that will resolve previous issues with the app.

If you are still facing issues with the app, contact support at

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Is MyAT&T (ATT) App Down or Not Working? Here's How To Fix (2024)


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