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Slitherio Unblocked Online

Slitherio Unblocked is a casual game familiar and loved by many. Where you can control one of the snakes and move around to eat colored balls and orbs to make your size bigger. But at the same time, collisions and other large snakes must be avoided, so as not to be eaten and lose.

There are a lot of arenas to explore and a lot of beautiful elements in the game. In addition to the customization features to use new skins and upgrade the snake. The control options are simple, intuitive, and easy. Also, enjoy the HD graphics and amazing visual and sound effects. You can play the game through our platform with just one click and without downloading.

About Online Unblocked is a wonderful and entertaining snake game of the type IO. Snake is a classic game that has been played by millions of players around the world for decades. Where the game was available in many versions on mobile, PC, and different operating systems. But at the present time, and with the great development of apps and games, there are hundreds of different and interesting versions.

Slitherio is one such great game that was developed by Steve Howse. Your main task in the game is very familiar, all you have to do is eat in order to grow up. There are different items distributed randomly in each mission. Move towards the colored balls, orbs, and other items to eat them. At the same time, you must be more focused and avoid collisions, and encounter other larger snakes.

One of the best features of is that the game includes major game modes such as online multiplayer mode to challenge other players. In addition to placing the arrow in order to control the arrow and direct it wherever you want the snake to go. Get ready for the fun now and try the game and enjoy more other features.

How To Play Slitherio?

There is nothing complicated when you play Slitherio online. As the gameplay is smooth and familiar to everyone with creative design in some different elements and aspects of gameplay. When you start playing, you will control a small snake walking on a beautiful land that includes many different elements such as luminous balls, gems, and orbs. Now you must eat these items in order to increase your size.

You take the role of an avatar who eats colored pellets in the game on the map, which are distributed randomly. Not only that, but avoid becoming prey to more snakes temporarily. Because when you increase in size, you can put a circle around the small snakes and eat them. Also, choose the appropriate game mode to start playing.

Moreover, upgrade the snake and customize the skins. Besides, use the speed feature to increase your speed to be more effective in eating the glowing balls. When you see that you have enough experience to face real players. Then you can switch to online multiplayer mode and compete with other opponents from around the world.

Slitherio Gameplay Video


Eat To Grow

Your main task while playing Slitherio is to eat the various items on the map that are randomly located here and there. You will gradually increase in size, and here the difficulty of your task will increase as well. Avoid bumps and big snakes and enjoy the game.

Different items To Eat

Besides the regular orbs that are widely available around the map, there are two other flashing orbs. For example, when other snakes die, they drop a new colored ball that you can eat. This will cause your snake to grow faster.

Increase Your Speed has a great Boost feature with which you can speed up your movement on the map. Thus, your efficiency will increase in devouring more balls and food faster. But perhaps this will be at the expense of the snake’s size. Also, once you have the perfect spot near the opponent’s head, make a sudden cut to finish him off.

Devours Other Snakes

When you start playing, you will avoid encountering large snakes in order not to become a feast for them. But when you increase in size, you can eat more other snakes by trapping and devouring them. This will give you more points and rewards.


There is no doubt that such games contain a unique design and amazing effects while playing. So you will enjoy HD graphics in Slitherio and multiple maps designed with attractive and beautiful balloons. Plus, use customization, change the shape of snakes, and change skins easily.

Slitherio Features

  • Move and devour the colored balls.
  • Side collisions and large snakes.
  • Enjoy different maps and places.
  • Rough and competitive gameplay with different play styles.
  • 12 new skins.
  • Compete with other players online.
  • Use the tirt feature to increase effectiveness.
  • Smooth control.
  • HD graphics.
Slitherio Unblocked - Play Free Online Game (2024)


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