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How the Sooners Handle NIL
– Super K – Posted on: May 23, 2024

Yesterday, I saw a comment where a user mentioned that it is difficult to know how certain high school players may pan out.

That is exactly right and said user noted it in the context of the transfer portal.

The other day, James reminded me of something we’ve known which is that while the Sooners aren’t going to make big promises to high school kids (see Billy Napier’s current potential troubles), they are going to provide a healthy NIL once players get on campus or they (OU) need to go to the portal.

Putting those two things together, you can understand why the Ogumoro situation played out the way it did and why that’s the best strategy.

Unless you have a sure fire high school player – and those are few and far between – there is simply isn’t any reason to make bold promises that you’ll have to fulfill regardless how the player turns out.

The Sooners could have gone all in on certain DL out of high school. One that comes to mind still hasn’t had significant playing time. Instead, the Sooners managed to use their funds to pull in as close to a sure thing as you get, right now.

Don’t get me wrong, high school recruiting is the heart and soul of a program and the Sooners are doing a great job there. But, again, you can’t make bold promises to kids where there is far too much uncertainty around the outcome of their careers. Especially, when you may get them at a discount later.

Jy’s Hierarchy of DT Prospects
– JY – Posted on: May 23, 2024

Hey gang, felt a little froggy today so I thought I’d punch somethin up for you. Other than stroking my competitive ego, stars/ratings don’t do a whole lot for me. This is my opinion based on what I’ve seen on film.

1* Floyd Boucard–6’3″ 325 to 6’4″ 280 depending on which site you look at for the intel. For me, he’s my top, must have, must get recruit if you’re Todd Bates and Oklahoma. I had wrote an earlier take about him that compared him to Demarcus Granger, who was a 5 star recruit at DT and was in there with Gerald McCoy & Adrian Taylor. He was dominant in the 2007 Big XII championship game, and had he been able to stay healthy, would have been a major asset alongside Gerald McCoy in 2008 against Timmy and the boys. Nevertheless, Floyd is built along those same lines. He’s big, fast, powerful and nasty. While he can play the nose, I like him better in the B gap. Whether it’s a 3 or a 4i , he’s a guy who can wreak havoc wherever you line him up. He has the versatility to play inside but can bump out and be a d-end in those 3 man fronts you have to run. He’s a plus pass rusher, and with his power, He’s a complete mismatch for tight ends and tackles who aren’t as powerful as he is. Out of all the players on the board left that Oklahoma is after, he’s the one I want the most.

2. Kole Briehler–6’3″ 275. Simply put he’s just a friggin animal. If he was 6’4″ 315 pounder he’d be a 5 star all day, but truth be told he’s probably 6’2 actually. That’s fine, because height is not as big of a deal for an interior defensive lineman. I actually hated playing the 6’0-6’2″ guys. Being a 6’5″ Tackle, pad level is always an issue. Given how quick and powerful Kole is, he’ll be up under less athletic taller offensive lineman and win the leverage game all day. He’s just so lightning-quick. A few days ago he posted on twitter a 4.84 laser time in the 40. That’s absolutely insane. Handheld it’s probably in the 4.7’s. There are some guys who can just do it, regardless of size. Warren Sapp was only 6’2″, but was a menace. Some guys can just do it and Kole is absolutely one of those guys. It just jumps off the screen how explosive he is.

3. Trenton Wilson–6’3″ 270. Probably the best interior pass rusher out of all of these guys. Pass Rush is an art, and some guys have it & some guys don’t. People don’t realize how difficult it is to beat the guy in front of you, then run down a more athletic elusive athlete. I know that this last class with David Stone & Jayden Jackson got a lot of publicity, but you can definitely tell that this next round of guys the Sooners are after top to bottom are just different. If the Sooners can reel all of em in, it will be the best d line class in my opinion since I’ve been following Sooner recruiting for the last 25 years. He’s a plus defender in the run game also. Whether going at guys in the run game or pass game, he goes through blockers like they’re not even there. His pad level and leverage is/are elite. Plays flat backed with ease & and his hands are very good. The old saying goes, if you beat the hands, you beat the man. Trent is very very good getting blockers hands off of him or simply running through them.

4. Christian Evans–6’2″–6’3″ 275-280. He’s extremely active, violent and aggressive. Out of all of the D Tackles, he’s probably the most violent which belies his baby face. I love how hard he plays and how nasty he is. Athletically he is comparable to Gracen Halton, but seems to be a bit more aggressive. Sometimes guys who play both d end and d tackle try to be too pretty out there at d end, but you don’t have to worry about that with Christian. I love his ability to get un-blocked. The great ones have an ability to be ‘ghost-like’ inside, and he has that for sure. As an O lineman sometimes when you try to block someone they just vanish. It’s almost like they teleport a gap or two over and are in on the play while you’re busy getting cussed. Hope Bedenbaugh doesn’t see his guard tape, because he’s an animal there also.

5. Ka’Mori Moore–6’1″ 288. Being in the KC area, the word on the street was that between him and Williams Nwaneri who were teammates at Lee’s Summit North, Ka’Mori was the guy that when people I trust saw them play, they came away more impressed with him. Nwaneri is everyone’s 5 star because of frame and athleticism, but Ka’Mori just plays hard. He’s an interior guy, who will most likely play the nose/a gap in Venables’ defense. His frame will support 20 or 30 more pounds and he’ll be a space eater in there. He’s not quite as big as Floyd, not quite as quick as Kole, not quite as smooth as Trent and not quite as nasty as Christian, but he doesn’t deserve the hate that a lot of the fan base is pushing his way. I don’t buy that he was an offer to try to get other guys at LS North. While some of the other guys higher on my list may be a tad more developed in different ways, I just sense that he’s got probably the best work ethic out of all of em. He doesn’t take plays off and just works. He’s very much a blue collar kid who could develop into a very good player inside.

Well there it is. My fingers are crossed that the Sooners pick up Floyd, Kole and Christian. All of em are difference makers along with the two we have in the fold already. Hit me up with some questions!

Name To Know at Cornerback
– Charlie S – Posted on: May 28, 2024

A name to keep an eye on for the Sooners in the ’25 class at cornerback is Graceson Littleton 6’0 180 out of Tampa, Florida.

We are expecting him to visit in the near future and there are some ties that he has to Oklahoma that we will go more in depth with down the line.

Just want to be sure to get his name out to you all to be aware of.

Dry Powder for the Big Men
Super K – Posted on: May 28, 2024

Wanted to pass along a note regarding the offensive line recruiting. As you know, the Sooners are hosting some studs this upcoming summer.

And it came as a bit of a surprise that OU didn’t land the in-state prospect, last week.

But, as we expected, after talking to some folks – while the Sooners did want said player – they are keeping the powder dry (so to speak) for these big time OL targets coming in this summer.

The Sooners don’t need to land them all but if they can land two of those big men they have coming in this summer, they’ll be cooking with hot grease. Not ready to say which ones but I think it’ll shake out that way.

Official Visits Locked In of Non-Commits
– Charlie S – Posted on: May 29, 2024

The Sooners will start hosting a ton of official visitors this summer.

Here is a list of the non-OU Commits that I have put together who are planning on officially visiting Norman.

Most of the OU Commits in the ’25 class will be on campus for the June 21st Barbeque and several will be on campus for multiple visit weekends unofficially.

As always, these dates are subject to change and just because you do not see a recruit listed, it does not mean they will not be officially visiting OU this summer.


Running Back:N/A

Wide Receiver:
Emmanuel Choice – OV June 21st
Andrew Marsh – OV June 21st
Cortez Mills – OV June 14th
Quincy Porter – OV June 21st

Tight End:
Da’Saahn Brame – OV June 7th

Offensive Line:
Andrew Babaloa – OV June 21st
Michael Fasusi – OV June 14th
Ty Haywood – OV June 14th
Lamont Rogers – OV June 18th
*Darius Afalava – No OV set, but expecting one

Defensive Line:
Floyd Boucard – OV June 14th
Kole Briehler – OV June 21st
Christian Evans – OV June 21st

Max Granville – OV June 21st
CJ Nickson – No OV announced, but expecting one
Smith Orogbo – OV June 21st
Kade Pietrzak – OV June 7th

Mark Iheanachor – OV June 14th
Elijah Melendez – OV June 14th
Zaydrius Rainey-Sale – OV June 18th

Graceson Littleton – OV June 14th

Omarion Robinson – OV June 21st

2025 DB Locks in OU Visit
– Super K – Posted on: May 30, 2024

Earlier this week, Charlie noted that a 2025 DB name to keep an eye on is Graceson Littleton (Tampa, FL).

We noted that he would likely visit.

Then, yesterday, dropped his list of official visits which did indeed include OU (June 14th), along with Penn State, Clemson, Alabama and Iowa.

I’ve asked around and while I’m still digging here, I have been told that someone on the Sooners staff has a tie (family) to Littleton. I’m not saying that means Littleton certainly ends up at OU but it certainly helps.

The Sooners are very high on this young man and got in on him early enough. While schools like Georgia and others have only recently offered, the Sooners offered him back in February. And it’s clear he is a priority as the Sooners opted not to take a couple of DBs they could have landed and instead focus all their efforts on Littleton (or stand pat with what they’ve got).

Weekend Open Post | May 31st - June 2nd - The Football Brainiacs - OU Edition (2024)


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